How to check if a date is still less than 5 days?

I am trying to check if the date an order was created is still less than 5 days, then i want to display a New Order Text.

This is how i have tried doing this

def vendor_orders(request):
    five_days = + timedelta(days=5)
    new_orders = CartOrder.objects.filter(payment_status="paid", date__lte=five_days).order_by("-id")

This is returning all the orders in the database that the date is less than 5 days, which means all orders both old and new are being returned and this is not what i am expecting.
If i manually create an order and set the date manually to some date in the future e.g July or August, it does not return that order.

Please how can i go about this logic? all i want to do is display an order as new orders if the date which the order was created is not yet older than 5 days.

This is how i fixed the issue

def vendor_orders(request):
    five_days = - timedelta(days=5) #5 days ago
    #orders with a date greater than the date 5 days ago
    new_orders = CartOrder.objects.filter(payment_status="paid", date__gte=five_days).order_by("-id")