How to Debug Using Daphne Server, Debugpy and VSCode

In my project with Gunicorn, NGINX reverse proxy, docker containerization, Angular and Django, after solving a configuration with a timeout for Gunicorn, I was able to debug, normally, using VSCode, debugpy, this one started inside the “” file, but now the same steps are not enough to get debugging working using Daphne server.
I tried several alternatives, like “python -m debugpy --listen runserver”, also “import debugpy

debugpy.listen((“”, 8005))", in addition to having tried to start the Daphne server, directly, with " export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=“djangoBrEditor.settings”

daphne -b -p 8000 djangoBrEditor.asgi:application --websocket_timeout 3600 --websocket_connect_timeout 3600 --application-close-timeout 3600".
Debugpy runs and I get a response from it with “telnet localhost 8005”, but VSCode doesn’t stop at breakpoints like it did with Gunicorn.

I can debug with PDB, but VSCode doesn’t stop at breakpoints.