How to disable a choice in django forms ChoiceField

Here is an exemple of what I have:

class aForm(forms.Form):
   choices = [
     ('value1', 'choice1'),
     ('value2', 'choice2'),
     ('value3', 'choice3')

   dropDownList = forms.ChoiceField(

I want to add the attribute Disabledd to the first choice, like this:

  <option selected value="value1" disabled>choice1</option>
  <option selected value="value2">choice2</option>
  <option selected value="value3">choice3</option>

How can I add that Disabled attribute from the file ?

This sounds a lot like an X/Y problem to me. What are you really trying to achieve here? Maybe it will help if you provide a little more background or context to your question.

I want to disable (adding the “Disabled” attributre in the Option tag in HTML ) the first Option of the Select box, so that first option will not be clickable (as a title for the Select box), I’ve done it by creating a complete custom form using HTML, I still didn’t find a way to do it using Django

At a minimum, you could create a custom template to render the options however you want. The Select widget has an attribute “option_template_name” that is used to render the set of options. Alter that attribute on the select widget, then create the template to set the first option as disabled. (The select_option.html file is in django.forms.templates.django.forms.widgets if you want something to work from.)
Actually, thinking about it a little more, you might be better off changing the template_name attribute, currently referring to select.html. It’s that template that iterates over the choices rendering each option. You could create a custom version of that that sets the disabled attribute on the first entry.
Or, in looking at the ChoiceWidget (inherited by Select), it also looks like the optgroup attribute within it could be used as well. I’ve never used it this way, but looking at django.forms.widgets.ChoiceWidget gives me the impression that you can nest attributes within the values, allowing this to be done without a custom template.

thanx for the recomendation, I’ll try them, can you please take a look at that post and see if you can help: Multi-theme and custom domain name for each user ?
thanx again