How to disable caching inside Django

Hello! I’m a beginner django developer, currently I’m making a dashboard. My tablet displays video, news, date and time,
weather and exchange rates. At the moment I have the following problem when I delete or change a picture in the directory. For some reason the picture is not deleted when the page is refreshed. How can I make everything change at once? Below I present pictures and code (templets). Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

Side note: Please do not post images of code and templates here. When you need to show code (or templates) copy/paste the code into the body of your message, between lines of three backtick - ` characters. This means you’ll have a line of ```, then your code (or template), then another line of ```.

There’s a good chance that it’s the browser cacheing the image. You would need to do a full refresh on the page (shift f5 or something similar depending upon the browser being used).

(Note: If you search the forum, you should be able to find other threads on this topic, including other ways of working around this.)