How to get another helper at the same time coding with me

Hello, I have everything set up to start but now I don’t know how to get my friend help me code it because the website only works for me and he tryed typing it but it didn’t work. Could someone explain what I can do so he can help me code at the same time and look at the changes on the website. I use visual studio and python.

We’re going to need you to be a little bit more specific about what you’re trying to do.

When you say “at the same time”, do you mean that you both want to be editing the same files on the same system at the same time? If so, are you talking about using something like a shared desktop?

Or are you talking about doing some team work where you might be working on while they’re working on You both could be working on the same server, just avoid interfering with each other.

Or are you each needing to work on a local copy, and the sharing the work with each other? (Perhaps using git to manage synchronizing those changes.)

So me and a couple of friends want to start making app we are using different computers but we want to try to work on the same project. Is there a way so me and my friends can code on the same visual studio and get the same website to see what we crate. Hope that made sense. Thankyou.

I’m going to assume that you’re talking about Visual Studio Code instead of Visual Studio (the latter is much more focused on the Microsoft .NET stack). I can’t vouch for this, but VS Code has a live share feature that might be of interest to you.

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