how to get data from local storage

So i was using FORM to input file from html to local storage using django (im NOT using database / modals). Now i want get my file again and shown to my html. the file is song (mp3), so i want, the song what i uploaded to local storage can be played in web html. i was already know when you make django project there’ll be automatic database. but i don’t want use it, because i don’t want save my file to database, just save it to LOCAL STORAGE

can i use cookies to get my file and shown to my html? please help me with code, it’s make me more easier to understanding.

You now have two threads on this topic - please do not continue to spam this forum with repeated requests for assistance on the same issue. The existing threads are sufficient to continue the conversations.

please read my last line, thank you

I did. And your questions have been answered in the other threads. You are simply repeating yourself at this point.

where the code for i tried? you just give me reference to make new django project. it wasn’t i search

Because the approach you are trying to take is fundamentally incorrect.

You need to take a step back and look at your project from a Django perspective. You are arbitrarily applying restrictions into your specifications, along with continuing to mischaracterize what you’re being told.

You have now repeated this line at least three times - despite being told that that’s not how it works. Nobody is suggesting you do this. And yet you keep saying this as if this is relevant or accurate.

You have also repeated:

Without providing any explanation as to why, despite being told multiple times that this is the reason the database exists - for you to use.

There’s no way for you to move forward from this point until you get more familiar with how Django works and you understand why some of the things you’re asking for just don’t make sense.

And so my recommendation remains - start with the official Django tutorial, so that you learn how Django works and can understand why the answers you have been provided are the solution to your requirements.