How to get default browser language inside WebsocketConsumer ?

Hello, I’m currently using a websocket in my app and I need to know the user default browser language in it.
I found a solution for http request : request.LANGUAGE_CODE (python - get Default language of browser in Django - Stack Overflow).
But I found nothing similar with channel. Any idea on how to do it ? Maybe using self.scope somehow ?

Note - request.LANGUAGE_CODE is the “active language” in Django, it is not the browser’s default language.

I think what you’re looking for would be in the Accept-Language header. (See get_language_from_request and parse_accept_lang_header in django.utils.translation.trans_real)

If that information is available in a header in the request, it would be available to you at scope['headers'].

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Thank for your reply, looking at scope['headers'], the accept-language contain all accepted language by order of preference. So that was indeed the solution.