How to limit the size of a websocket message?

Excuse me, but this is a serious issue regarding server security.

Suppose one mallicious client just sent a meaningless websocket message as big as 4GB to the django server, how can the server stops it from sending more websocket frames after realizing it has breached the size limit?

Also, I would like this error to be catched by upper functions and block this client from further logging in after kicking it offline, and record this attack.

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I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say that this isn’t so much a Django issue as it is a Daphne / Twisted issue if you’re using that, or whatever websocket handler if you’re not.

In the Daphne case, there’s an option in the WebSocket protocol for setting the maximum frame and message payload sizes.
I’d be willing to make a guess that if you set that to a reasonable / expected value, it would prevent the type of attack you’re describing.