How to make a "ads wall"

I have built a Django project like twitter where every user can post pictures and text to their own wall.
I just simply can not figure out how to let users to post on a single wall where anyone can post like an ads list by these individuals.

  • I have been stuck on this issue on 2 weeks.
  • I have copied over the normal post app and renamed everything and I have went thru about 15 different errors
  • I just dont know what to do my latest error
TypeError at /ads/adslist/
FunctionName() missing 1 required positional argument: 'post_id'
  • Is there a simple way to do it like just imposting an app? (I have tied to google it but could not find a “news feed”, “list” django app)

We need to see the code that you’re working on to diagnose specific issues. Also, posting the complete traceback will be helpful. (Please do not post images of code. Only post images of screen shots if they’re absolutely necessary to provide information here. It is greatly preferred that you copy/paste text into your post.)

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