How to make multilanguages website with subdomains?

Hello, thanks in advance for attention to my theme! I want to make website with few subdomains( three languages). For example: es.mysite(dot)com, ru.mysite(dot)com etc. with default language - ua.mysite dot com.

But it’s not only translation of menu etc, I dont want make the same translated news on different subdomains - some of the will be translated, some - no. How would be the best choice for realize this: create different models with different languages? or use something like modeltranslation(is it possible choose option not to translate fields on certain languge?)? how to resolve problems with subdomains es, ru, ua (cause i18 give oppotunity only of subdirectory) etc without problems with seo?

Sorry, my quastion is a little bit global, but i will be grateful for any instructions. Thank you

I figured out that the best option is to create separeted projects for every version of website, because they have a lot of differences. But how to add three projects to subdomains of the main: es.mysite(dot)com, ua.mysite(dot)com etc? It’s realized with wsgi?

Take a look at The “sites” framework to see if that is sufficient for what you want to do.

By the way, you can avoid having the forum software try to convert your into links by enclosing the text in backticks (`). So instead of writing es.mysite(dot)com you can write

Thanks a lot for response! But is it true to use sites in this case(when i have different languages static and dynamic content)? Cos i will be forced to copy all my templates and translate static info…

I don’t understand what you’re trying to ask here, but from what I think I understand, you can share as much or as little between sites as you wish. This is still one project, where you have one additional piece of information - the current site. What you choose to do with that information is up to you.