How to mass replace or update values ?

Hi so i am trying to change the wording of my links.

for example i have links ending with .com but want to replace it with

how can i do that ? I have done the following but the query set does not have a update method.Please Help

from testing.models import retailer

amazon = retailer.objects.filter(country="UK",shop="Amazon")


final_links = []

for all in amazon:
  final = all.links.replace(".com","")

In [15]: for final,amz in zip(final_links,amazon):
    ...:     amz.update(links = final)
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In [15], line 2
      1 for final,amz in zip(final_links,amazon):
----> 2     amz.update(links = final)

AttributeError: 'retailer' object has no attribute 'update'

A model doesn’t have an update method, but a QuerySet does. (See

To update an individual instance of a model, make the change to the model attribute and call save on that instance.

The easiest way to find and replace multiple entries in Excel is by using the SUBSTITUTE function . The formula’s logic is very simple: you write a few individual functions to replace an old value with a new one.
Your querry will be resolved.