How to register multiple models for Django admin

Hi everyone !

I’m just wondering how can I refactor this code :

from django.contrib import admin
from .models import *

# Register your models here.

models_list = [Forum, Topic, Post]

Indeed I would like to directly import every models from .models as a list. Because actually, if I add another model to .models, I will have to add it to models_list too…

Does someone have a clue ?


Hi @valenciano8

Individually registering the models is normal. Sometimes you might add a model that you don’t want to individually expose to the admin for security reasons, or parent models that aren’t relevant to display.

That said as a quick start, you can auto-register all model subclasses defined in your app’s models module with a list comprehension like (untested):

from django.db.models import Model
from myapp import models[obj for obj in models.__dict__.values() if issubclass(models, Model)])

This uses the module’s __dict__ to retrieve all its attributes that are subclasses of Django’s base Model class.

Not that I recommend this (although I use this regularly :flushed:) but django.apps

from django.apps import apps

makes available:


returns a dict with the values being the models belonging to that app.


will register all models in an app.

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