How to reoder element from jquery ui sortable saving position in db

Hi, my name luigi from italian my english elementary.
I’am problem saving position element from database.
My code wrting copy /paste from blog internet.

Idea saving position in the database ?

Thank you for pasting the code here.

Please provide a more detailed description of what is not working.

Are you getting an error message on your console where you’re running runserver? (Or are you using a different method to run your application?)

Are you getting any errors in your browser’s console?

my paste video problem. thanks

From what I think I can see from your video, it looks like you’re not posting to the right view. Your post is sending to your original view and not the view that handles receiving the sorted image list. Also, your console where you’re running runserver would have provided similar details - and might have been easier to copy/paste the message text rather than posting a video.