How to Share single App to Django Developer

I am developing a big application.

How to share only single app to a developer. For Example there are 5 developers working on a Project. I want each developer to see only single app. Not complete code.
Problem i am facing is with Django ORM. Since we import Django models inside the views. So other apps should be present in Django project to work.

Approach which i found → Instead of Django ORM use Sqlalchemy. Here i can give access to specific app to developer. If he require some other table then i give him permission from Postgres to that corresponding table.

I am confused in this method. Do big companies like Instagram provide code to every developer?

Any blog or any answer is appreciated.

I can’t speak to Instagram, but what you’re proposing doesn’t seem to make sense to me in the Python / Django world.
Python (thankfully) isn’t Java or C. While those languages (and others) allow you to create walls between portions of your application, Python is fundamentally different. Python was built under the basic premise that “We are all responsible users”. It’s not intended or designed to allow for those walls to be created.

And as far as I’m concerned, it’s counterproductive to try, and a sign of bad management to attempt to do so. If you’ve got an issue where you think that is the solution, then the real problem is elsewhere.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what i thought as well. But since human mind wander for possibilities i wanted to know if there is some way.