How to trigger or manage the long running dag in django?

Hi, I am starting to build a website using the Django. I have Python script which is run through Apache Airflow scheduler. This script takes approx 15min to complete. Now the task is to give the choice to user to trigger that script from the web page. So what will the best way to implement this task in the Django, and the script running status should also be show into the Webpage.

Is there an API to start this task in Airflow? If so, then you can call that API from within a Django view, probably using the Python requests module - unless Airflow comes with a Python API library.

How do you get notified by Airflow regarding its status? Is it something that notifies you, or do you need to poll the task?

If a polling process is required, is it something that can be polled from the browser, or does the server need to do that?