How to unsubscribe mailing lists?

Everyday I’ll receive django tickets mails and I’ve forgotten where I subscribe that.
These emails are cc to, so I leave the django updates google group. While it doesn’t work.

These emails are like:

from:	Django <>

Anyone can help me? Thanks.

The very last line of the emails should have something like:

To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it send an email to [](

(Yes, this is from a different group, but I would expect all the groups to use the same mechanism.)

@KenWhitesell Thanks for your reply.
I’ve tried sent mail to
But it says:

The response was:
Leave failed, not a member

It’s so weird.

That is interesting.

I’d try joining the group, then setting the group options to not send email, then send the unsubscribe email, and then leave the group.

@KenWhitesell Thanks for your great help. It works.
I should firstly send the unsubscrbe email, and then leave the group instead of leave the group firstly and then unsubscribe.

Now I still receive emails which are cc to
What the hell is going on?