How to update myapp/ with the proper URLPATTERN?

my app structure is like this


The contents of is…

from rest_framework.decorators import api_view
from rest_framework.response import Response

def hello_world(request):
return Response({“message”: “Hello, world!”})

Just for testing, I will flesh it out as I get it working.

do I need to create another under /api/ and include from /dose/

Do you need to?

No. There’s no requirement that you do it that way.

However, it is the generally-accepted Django practice to keep your urls organized by Django app.

But, it’s certainly valid for you to include a specific url in your root file.


Thanks, so I can add the URLPATTERN to my /dose/

The question remains what would the URLPATTERN for /dose/api/ look like since it isn’t inside the

Assume for the moment that your hello_world view was in

What would your url definition for it look like?

Ok fair enough.

I tried

path(‘/api/’, views.hello_world.as_view())

I tried moving

def hello_world(request):
return Response({“message”: “Hello, world!”})

to my /dose/

and setting path(‘/api/’, views.hello_world.as_view()),

but got path(‘/api/’, views.hello_world.as_view()),
AttributeError: ‘function’ object has no attribute ‘as_view’


Ok Ken,


my /dose/

path(‘api/myhello_world/’, views.myhello_world.as_view()),

my /dose/ has

class myhello_world(APIView):
def hello_world(request):
return Response({“message”: “Hello, world!”})



gives me

GET /dose/api/myhello_world/

HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed Allow: OPTIONS Content-Type: application/json Vary: Accept { “detail”: “Method "GET" not allowed.” }
but at least it is getting through, fix the method and get a response. but I would still like to know how to do that with my external one file per service I described

Real progress.

Changed the APIView to

class myhello_world(APIView):
def get(self, request, format=None):
return Response({“message”: “Hello, world!”})

and got

HTTP 200 OK Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS Content-Type: application/json Vary: Accept { “message”: “Hello, world!” }

So how do I move this to the one file per service structure I described in my original question?

Ok thanks Ken, with minimal hand holding and hints, I arrived at the solution.

in my /dose/

from .api.atomicservice1 import service1

from .api.atomicservice2 import service2

from .api.atomicservice3 import service3


path(‘api/atomicservice1/’, service1.as_view()),
path(‘api/atomicservice2/’, service2.as_view()),
path(‘api/atomicservice3/’, service3.as_view()),

and all is well.

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