How to use Digital Ocean "Spaces" for store upload user images in a Django Project

I have a Django project where there is an option for register users and they can upload an image profile, the trouble is that I want to store the image profile in Digital Ocean Spaces (is like AWS S3 bucket), but I don’t find how to configure the project for production, I have the models, the forms and the views working correctly in develop environment, I want to allow the users can upload images and then refer these images in views and templates.

:ledger:I deploy the project with Digital Ocean App Platform service, a PostgreSQL database, and a Space Bucket for storage (is where I want to store the uploads). I need help, it is a project for pet shelters in my city :dog:. I truly thank you

If you know how to use AWS S3 than it is no different from it but still if you need some reference than you can follow this guide Django + DigitalOcean Spaces by Alexander De Furia | Dev Genius.

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