How to use Django async on scraping and orm?

I’m sure there are many options in this regard. So I want to concentrate on what is best.

I combined ORM save and API request under the same function is this wrong for async?

How can I set this function as async?:

def main():
	for product in inventories:
		id = product["id"]
		data = remote_api.products.get(id) #get information from remote server (type class)
		if data["status"] = "success": #If the request is successful, proceed to the orm save stage
				offer = Offer.objects.get(id=id)
			except ObjectDoesNotExist:
				offer = Offer(id=id)
				offer.price = data["product_price"] #value to save

Second Questions:
I need to set the rate limit to 5 when receiving data from the remote server. How can I handle this on the “for loop” side?