How to use humanize outside templates?

I just learned about django.contrib.humanize:

Seems useful - however, what if I want to access that functionality outside the context of a template? Is there a library supporting that one which is just plain functions and classes?

A filter is a Python function that accepts a value and (optionally) a parameter. (See How to create custom template tags and filters | Django documentation | Django)

You can import and use those functions directly.

For example, this works:

>>> from django.contrib.humanize.templatetags import humanize
>>> humanize.ordinal(6)
>>> humanize.intword(123456789)
'123.5 million'

You’re not limited to the humanize library either. This also works:

>>> from django.template import defaultfilters
>>> print(defaultfilters.filesizeformat(6543210))
6.2 MB