http header for permissions

I have build my authentication and authorization externally. If you go to the django page you will be redirected to the adfs login. If the login is succesfull you will be sent back to the page. And you’re logged in. The f5 in the front who does this procedure send Django in the Header request the Active directory group.
My question ist now: How can I use this header information to handle the permissions on the Django app ?
thanks in advance

See the docs on Authentication using REMOTE_USER. Whether or not this will work for you directly depends upon what header is supplied and if you can map the contents of that header directly to a User object within your system. If it’s not a direct fit, you may need to create your own middleware that will work with what you receive - but you’ll be able to use the RemoteUserMiddleware source as a guide.

Thank you for the fast reply. I will check it out.