I am collecting requirements for future django version. Please speak!

Hi django people,

I do think future django version should be natively async and going to make one.

Most of the code from the django will be reused. It will be async-only. The method will mainly be adding async and await everywhere.

It will cut some of django functionality, for example the plan is:

  • no model inheritance (only inheritance from abstract models allowed)
  • no server cursors (chunked cursors)
  • explicit create/update. You will still be able to use .save() It will make an insert if the object has no pk set, otherwise an insert. Want any other logic - use .insert() or .update() explicitly.
  • no signals

obj.related_obj → should be prefetched, otherwise error
await obj.get(‘related_obj’) → makes query if needed
iteration of an unfetched queryset → error

Any more suggestions? What else can be removed?

@KenWhitesell It’s not “Getting started”! It’s “Getting finished”!