I need your help with django

I created an app with django but after running server the jinja template like {% block content %} keep appearing in my front end iam using vscode . because what i know the block content and endblock must not appear in my browser… Please help… Should I switch to another IDE

This probably has nothing to do with your editor / IDE.
Just make sure you’ve set up Django according to the official installation instructions, and you’ll probably be fine.

Also, it always helps to include some information about what system you use, like what Operating System you use, the version of the Operating System, the Django version, and explain how you’ve installed it, if this is a problem you’ve never had before (if it worked before), steps to reproduce the problem at your end etc.

Asking a question like you do here is not likely to get answered because it doesn’t contain enough information for anyone to answer.

Based on nothing, how would it be possible to answer anything?

Thanks bro for your caring response my templates were not well formatted… I corrected the error …I had spaces between the curly braces and the percentage signs …So django was also rendering the template variables as text in HTML…
Iam just a self taught django developer who is starting out .

Thanks for your time