Im using multiple views. When ı create search and pagination function not working any help would be great

from django.shortcuts import render , redirect , HttpResponseRedirect
from store.models.product import Product
from django.views import View
from django.core.paginator import Paginator,PageNotAnInteger, EmptyPage
from django.db.models import Q 

class Search(View):
   def search(request):
    search_post = request.GET.get('search')
    if search_post:
     posts = Product.objects.filter(Q(name__icontains=search_post) & Q(name__icontains=search_post))
    # If not searched, return default posts
        products = Product.objects.all()

    page = request.GET.get('page', 1)

    paginator = Paginator(products,per_page=300)
    page_range = paginator.get_elided_page_range(number=page)
       products =
    except PageNotAnInteger:
       products =
    except EmptyPage:
       products =
    return render(request, 'base.html', {'posts': posts})

HTML file like this:

<form class="form-inline my-2 my-lg-0" action="">
		  <input class="form-control mr-sm-2" type="search" [A-Za-z0-9 ]
			 onkeyup="this.value = this.value.toUpperCase();"
			onkeydown="return /[a-z]/i.test(event.key)"
			 placeholder="(ÖÇİŞĞÜ)kullanmayın!!" aria-label="Search" name="search">
			<button class="btn btn-outline-success my-2 my-sm-0" 
		  {% if posts.has_other_pages %}
	  <ul class="pagination">
		{% if posts.has_previous %}
		  <li><a href="?page={{ posts.previous_page_number |add:'-2' }}">&laquo;</a></li>
		{% else %}
		  <li class="disabled"><span>&laquo;</span></li>
		{% endif %}
		{% for i in posts.paginator.page_range %}
		  {% if posts.number == i %}
			<li class="active"><span>{{ i }} <span class="sr-only">(current)</span></span></li>
		  {% else %}
			<li><a href="?page={{ i }}">{{ i }}</a></li>
		  {% endif %}
		{% endfor %}
		{% if posts.has_next %}
		  <li><a href="?page={{ posts.next_page_number |add:'-2' }}">&raquo;</a></li>
		{% else %}
		  <li class="disabled"><span>&raquo;</span></li>
		{% endif %}
	{% endif %}

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Note: You have

However, you shouldn’t have a space between the variable name and the '|' in the template.