Image is not displayed?

I am trying to send an image in email template while sending mail to user. But images is not displayed in the mail. Why?

{% load static %}

<img src="{% static 'img/logo.png' %}" width="125" height="120" style="display: block; border: 0px;" />


Apart from this, mail template is working fine to computer.

Also you can issue by your self by creating account which requires only your email and then a mail will be sent to you for confirmation of your emial address where you can see why this image is not displayed. Website link is below.

Look at the html of the email source in your email client.
Verify that the url being generated is accessible as a url, by your email client.

Kindly check the html of email source by yourself by creating account at the website. Website is currently at beta stage you can enter email for registration and then an email will sent to you in mail where you can see why this image is not displayed.

Sorry, no. This is your project. You should be looking to learn and develop the skills necessary to diagnose problems. Identifying the source or cause of a problem is an important step in fixing something that is wrong. Being familiar with all the different ways to gather useful information is one of those skills needed.

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