Implementing Flowbite in Django

Can anyone explain me how I can implement this template on my django project “GitHub - themesberg/flowbite-admin-dashboard: Free and open-source admin dashboard template built with Tailwind CSS and Flowbite” or give an example of something implemented?

Have you read and tried to follow the docs at Tailwind CSS Django - Flowbite?

Im following it now.

Do u have a photo of what it should look like? mine’s looks like this

I don’t. I’ve never used it. (I’ve never even heard of it before your post.)

oh really! Do you recommend any frontend framework?

It depends upon what you mean by “frontend framework”.

Everything we build right now is based on Django, Crispy, Bootstrap, HTMX, and jQuery.

like what do you think is the best tailwind, bootstrap, … (examples i know) to implement in my project?
about styling a page

There is no “best”. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with.

Find one that most easily allows you to style your templates as you want, and go with it.

If your needs are modest and a lighter-weight framework is sufficient, great. If you have a lot of very detailed and precise requirements regarding layout and styling, you may want a framework that more easily facilitates that.

Ok thanks for helping me right now and on other posts :grinning: they helped me a lot! ty