Inserting POINT Geometry from DJANGO to POSTGIS database error

Hello I try to use DJANGO to insert point clicked on Leaflet in a POSTGIS database. During the import I receive the following error : “function st_geomfromewkb(bytea) does not exist”

My understanding is that the ST_GeomFromEWKB is used to insert binary representation od geometry, and this is quite weird here because what I intend to do is inserting a wkb object.

my view is defined as bellow:

from django.contrib.gis.geos import Point
def add_site(request):

if(request.method == 'POST'):
    site_name = request.POST.get('site_name')
    customer_name = request.POST.get('customer_name')
    lat = str(request.POST.get('lat'))
    lng = str(request.POST.get('lng'))
    point = Point(lng,lat,srid=4326).wkb
    insert = customers_sites(site_name=site_name,customer_name=customer_name,geom=point)

Any idea of what is wrong here ?? Thank you for your help !

Are you sure that PostGIS extension is installed? See docs.