Install package just for one project without virualenv

I have several Django projects but I don’t use virtualenv because all of my projects are similar and I didn’t need it before. If I install a package I often using it in all my projects but now I like to use Django Stripe in just one project and I wonder is it possibe without virtualenv? If yes how?

Thank you in advance!

You should always be using a virtualenv. Otherwise, you’re relying upon the system-installed versions of those libraries which is likely to cause problems at some point in time.

Don’t even try to do it without. Change everything to use virtualenv, even if all your projects use the same one.

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Not only that, but you’re going to impose a severe restriction on your development. What happens if you pick up an old project that suddenly won’t run any longer due to a package dependency of a specific version, that you had to update for a different project?

I used to hate virtual environments, because I didn’t understand them and found it difficult to work with. It turned out to be really simple, I just had to sit and play with it for not even an hour. And another hour to understand how to make it work with Django and deployments to other servers. Putting in the effort to learn how to use virtual environments paid of - not only for Django projects. It made Python development so much easier everywhere.