Installed package not showing in the environment folder

if i use this command pip list

Package                       Version
----------------------------- -----------
asgiref                       3.5.2
certifi                       2022.5.18.1
charset-normalizer            2.0.12
coreapi                       2.3.3
coreschema                    0.0.4
Django                        4.0
djangorestframework           3.13.1
djangorestframework-simplejwt 5.2.0
drf-yasg                      1.20.0
idna                          3.3
inflection                    0.5.1
install                       1.3.5
itypes                        1.2.0
Jinja2                        3.1.2
Markdown                      3.3.7
MarkupSafe                    2.1.1
openapi-codec                 1.3.2
packaging                     21.3
pip                           22.1.2
psycopg2-binary               2.9.3
PyJWT                         2.4.0
pyparsing                     3.0.9
pytz                          2022.1
requests                      2.27.1
ruamel.yaml                   0.17.21
ruamel.yaml.clib              0.2.6
setuptools                    62.2.0
simplejson                    3.17.6
sqlparse                      0.4.2
uritemplate                   4.1.1
urllib3                       1.26.9

i can see all package i have installed but it’s not showing in my environment folder and also showing module not found error

if i’m click and nevigate through that file it’s showing the package in that, I don’t know how to fix that

after navigating through the link but it’s showing module not found error

Then the environment directory that you are looking at is not the active environment when you’re running pip list.


step 1.use this command

pip freeze > requirements.txt

step2. delete the old env (environment file)

step3. (create the environtment) click here

python3 -m venv /path/to/new/virtual/environment

step4. use this command

pip3 install -r requirements.txt