Interact with inbuilt django DB in python files

Hi all, I have a form that needs to interact with the DB inbuilt into django. How would I do that in my file. Do I just use the default sqlite3 built into python or does django have a different way of doing it?

For example, If you want to Authenticate a user, you can refer to this:
Using the Django authentication system | Django documentation | Django (
and for, you can refer to this:
Working with forms | Django documentation | Django (
Perhaps, if you can give more context on what are you trying to achieve, I can help…

Thank you. I am creating an app to help teach kids about Finance using a website. This app will need to access the built in django database in a a variety of ways. Can you please tell me how to access the django database?

If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you work your way through either (or both) of the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial. Either of them will show you how to use your database in Django.