Interactive plots

I currently have an interactive dashboard that I created with python plotly and dash. The user can choose from a dropdown menu what data to plot. An example would be to choose a country from a country list to then update the plots to show country specific data.

My question is how to implement such an interactive plot in Django to implement interactive plots on a website that the user can interact with, such as via dropdowns.

I am currently researching two options: 1) the django-plotly-dash package to directly implement my dash app and 2) plotly.js

I am curious if anyone has experience with this topic and can point me in the right direction and share any ideas or even examples/tutorials.

Much appreciated!

No answers… Did you make progress on your own?

I implemented the second option above by implementing JS charting. Instead of plotly.js I actually used chart.js. In my html template I created a dropdown menu (html form) and submit button. The submitted value can be used in to update the dataset which then gets rendered to the html template to update the chart.js plot. I haven’t tried the first option above using django-plotly-dash…

Sounds exactly like what I am trying to do. Will you share the code?

Here’s the link to my GitHub folder with the code:

Thank you very much😊. This will help.