Is it bad practise to put constants in Django files inside its AppConfig?

Reading up on the topic, I see a lot of people create a within each app dir. I place my constants within the class FooConfig(AppConfig) for each config, e.g.

class FooConfig(AppConfig):
    name = 'foo'
    label = 'foo'
    verbose_name = "Foo"

    MY_CONSTANT_1 = 1
    MY_CONSTANT_2 = 2
    MY_CONSTANT_3 = 3

The reason I do this is one of the most common constants I want is the app name.

Then somewhere else in the app:

from .apps import FooConfig

link = reverse(f'{}:index')
x = FooConfig.MY_CONSTANT_1 + 7

Is there a drawback? E.g. fragile startup import dependencies cycles? IS it bad practice? I have not come across others doing it this way.

I could put the app name and app label in and then in import the app name and app label:

from .constants import APP_NAME, APP_LABEL, APP_VERBOSE_NAME

class FooConfig(AppConfig):
    name = APP_NAME
    label = APP_LABEL
    verbose_name = APP_VERBOSE_NAME