Is it possible to create a game server using Django?

Is it possible to create a game server (like, using Django?
Should I use django channels?

Yes it’s possible. (I’m currently doing it, and gave a tutorial on the infrastructure behind it at the last DjangoCon US.)
Yes, I’m using Channels to do it, but it’s not your only option. It depends upon whether you want a Django-only stack or if you want to include other backend technologies.

Ken, thank you for your answer.
Yes, I want a Django-only stack.
How can I see that tutorial?

Unfortunately, you can’t - it’s not publicly available. It was something I put together for DjangoCon, and since it was a full tutorial and not just a talk, it wasn’t recorded.

But really, there wasn’t much “special” about it.

A game server really is just a type of chat server. Perhaps the only real difference is that the text from one side isn’t passed directly through to the other. Once you understand how to build and deploy a chat server, the game server is (technically) a pretty small step.

I really wish we could see your tutorial. We are looking to develop a simple MMO strategy game client using Godot. This client communicates with a Django server. Also thanks for letting us know that chat server is just the easiest way to learn to achieve our content. Appreciate your help. Have an amazing day!