Is Meta class in Model have option 'using'?

I am have project with few application which used default database for basic Django tables and all project related tables, and in same time using pre exists database from third party application as main source of data. In other words I create alternative web interface for this third party application.

I am using Custom Route for working with multiple databases.
When I looking information about using Route in different Django apps I try ask about it ChatGPT and get not only standard answer about using Routing but also ‘using’ Meta class option which bound model to specific database.

This is looks very convenient in my situation when I don’t realy need dynamic db select but only different db for different models and don’t wont use option ‘using’ in every query. I ask ChatGPT few additional questions about this option and it tell that this option exists in Django from version 1.2 and can be used as less flexible variant of Custom Route. But when I try search info about this option in Django docs (Model Meta options | Django documentation | Django) I can’t find any info about ‘using’ option in Meta class of Model.

Is this ChatGPT hallucinations or I so bad in searching?

The docs for using multiple databases is here: Multiple databases | Django documentation | Django

The docs for the model Meta class are here: Model Meta options | Django documentation | Django

Both of these are very explicit about what’s available, and should always be your first resource when looking for information.

Thanks for reply, than looks like ChatGPT generate good pseudo info and even provides perfect
clarification for this fictional info :smile: