Is there a fail2ban technique (or similar feature) for Django?

Fail2ban is an intrusion prevention software framework. It’s a helpful utility designed more to protect ssh or shell access to Linux servers. But I was wondering if there is a similar way to restrict web visitors from attempting brute force their way through Django’s suite of django.contrib.auth.mixins.LoginRequiredMixin or the official django.contrib.auth.model’s builtin libraries which are smart enough to detect and handle malicious actors.

In the official Django doc on security precautions, it says:

Django does not throttle requests to authenticate users. To protect against brute-force attacks against the authentication system, you may consider deploying a Django plugin or web server module to throttle these requests.

I Googled ‘django throttling’ which turned up a single alpha-quality plugin with a GitHub repo whose most recent commit is August 2013: GitHub - night-crawler/django-throttling: A simple django throttling app

When I visit and search ‘django throttling’ (and order by recently updated), none seem relevant to my endeavour to locate a bruteforce prevention app.

That’s a mis-characterization. Fail2ban is an excellent tool to protect any network port exposed to the outside world.

I rely heavily upon fail2ban to greatly reduce the number and frequency of bots attempting to penetrate my web sites.

You don’t want to load your application with the work involved in basic protection. That means that that part of your stack is far too heavily involved with every request.