is this a bug and if so where to report

I created a project and within the project an app call myusers. I then created a model with the class name AllUsers. I then populated the model with data from faker.

When I go to under authorization I have groups and users. Under myusers I have ‘All userss’ which is a link to

so, I’m just wondering if this is a minor bug. Shouldn’t it say ‘AllUsers’ and not ‘All userss’? Or did I corrupt something along the way?

It’s not a bug, and you didn’t corrupt anything - the admin app uses the plural form of the model.

By tradition and common practice, the name of a table should be singular. The table is a collection of individual entities. A resultset may be plural, but an individual row is one of whatever that table holds. (You can find many articles on the internet discussing this topic.)

For example, you’ll see Django’s table names ‘User’, ‘Group’, ‘Permission’, ‘ContentType’, etc, not ‘Users’, ‘Groups’, ‘Permissions’, or ‘ContentTypes’.

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If you need to adjust this, you can access the “verbose_name” and “verbose_name_plural” attributes of the Meta class on your model :slight_smile: