Is This Illustration 100% Correct?

Well I am learning Django. Just wanted to know whether this illustration is 100% correct or not. Because I thought Template files usually fetch values for variables from the Django views but not from the Database manager (ORM) directly. Can anyone ensure me please?

I don’t like this picture from that perspective at all. It give the impression that the template is an active component in the system when it’s not.

It would be better if the box labeled “Template” was named “Rendering engine”, with it having the arrows to the ORM.

Side note to answer your question - it is possible for a variable in the template to cause the rendering engine to execute a query, particularly the case where a model attribute is a foreign key to another model and your template references an attribute of that related model.

Having said all the above, I’d say it does a reasonable job of identifying the major components and generally how they are related logically - but not technically correct.