Issue - Your models in app(s) (...) have changes that are not yet reflected in a migration, and so won’t be applied


I recently upgraded from Django 2 to Django 3.2.

Everything works fine but when I execute “migrate” as a command, it always says “Your models in app(s): ‘admin’, ‘auth’, ‘base’, ‘contenttypes’, ‘sessions’ have changes that are not yet reflected in a migration, and so won’t be applied.
Run ‘ makemigrations’ to make new migrations, and then re-run ‘ migrate’ to apply them.”

If I execute “makemigrations” commands I always get “No changes detected”.

I downgrade to Django2, the message is gone.

I have every mentioned app on my INSTALLED_APPS variable in settings. As you can see only ‘base’ app is one of mine, the rest are default Django apps.

I am using Oracle 19 database that can not be recreated.

I hope you can help me or give me some ideas of what is happening and why am I receiving that message from “migrate” command.

Thank you in advance,

You have already posted this question once here - there is no need to repost. If there is someone here with the appropriate knowledge and insight to answer your question, they will address it.

I am so sorry for reposting it, I didn’t know where to post it in first place. I am not able to delete the posts. Managers, please, feel free to delete the duplicated ones.

I hope someone has an idea about this soon.

Not a problem - the categories here aren’t really enforced and it’s not so busy where most people don’t just browse everything new.

For future reference: At the bottom of your post you should see some icons. Just to the left of the “Reply” link you should see the three-button icon. If you click on that, it adds some icons - including the trash can icon. That’s how you can delete a post. (Note: I don’t know if you have that option once a reply has been provided.)