Issues in Applying migration after renaming models

Hello Everyones,
I hope your journey with the beautiful Djano is going well,
Im working in a project, and I made two new models working with them in views and some other functions… etc, today the lead asked me to change names of both models I made.

So when Im doing it I cant apply migrations I made, instead I got this Error:

ValueError: Related model 'organisation.Groups' cannot be resolved

and I think this Error is linked to this ligne, which says it cant delete this model


Greets world

Renaming models needs to be handled very carefully. The basic approach may end up with a loss of data.
Make sure you update your any models that refer to the to the main model.

In your error, it looks like your have a ForiegnKey to the Groups model that did not get migrated.

edit: correct a word

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