It's my first time making an open source! django-query-capture

I’m so excited to promote it for the first time.

Some reasons you might want to use django-query-capture:

  • It can be used to simply check queries in a specific block.

  • It supports Django Middleware, Context Manager, and Decorator.

  • When you use Context Manager, you can get real-time query data.

  • You can see where the query occurs.

  • Inefficient queries can be found in the test code.

  • It is easy to customize by simply changing the table shape, changing the color, and selecting and setting the desired output.

  • It supports customization that allows you to decorate the output freely from the beginning.

  • Fully Documented

  • It supports Type hint everywhere.



I wanted to automate everything, and I was satisfied to achieve it.( Release Note, docstring to docs, auto deploy gh-pages, Pypi Release )

It’s my first open source, so I really want to hear your feedback.Thank you to all the Django masters for reading my posts!