Lightweight Javascript Framework Review (For Django Developers)

Many developers are confused when they try to find a Lightweight Javascript Framework for the Django project because there are so many options.

In this blog post, I will talk and compare lightweight javascript frameworks, and help you decide which one is the best for your Django project.

If you want to:

  1. Render HTML in Django, and use Javascript to enhance the server-rendred HTML.
  2. Say no to the heavy frontend solutions such as React, Vue, Svelte, Angular
  3. Say no to the Decoupled Architecture

Then this post can help you!

Unlike other posts which only compare existing solutions in the Django community, I will also talk about solutions in other communities (Phoenix, Rails, Laravel) and how they influenced each other.

Below is a list of frameworks that I will talk about in this post

  1. Phoenix LiveView
  2. Laravel Livewire
  3. Hotwire (Turbo, Stimulus)
  4. StimulusReflex
  5. Catalyst
  6. HTMX
  7. Unpoly
  8. Alpine.js
  9. Django Reactor
  10. Django Unicorn
  11. django-sockpuppet
  12. Tetra

Lightweight Javascript Framework Review (For Django Developers)

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Thanks for your concise article. It seems Alpine.js and HTMX were a good solution for me (I don’t use those yet). But now I’ll think twice, even if I don’t need solutions that “scale” for the moment.