login issue for imported users


i have 2 django Project and i want importing users with passwords to another Project
when i do this, i have problem for login
imported users cant login
Note : i have custom user model
this 2 Project have same SECRET_KEY
and here is my login code

GetDomain = Domains.objects.filter(domain=get_domain(HTTP_HOST=request.META['HTTP_HOST'])).first()
            Email = request.POST.get('mail', None)
            raw_password = request.POST.get('pass', None)
            recaptcha_response = request.POST.get('g-recaptcha-response', None)
            if Email is None:
                return HttpResponse(ajax_result(Code=200, message='ایمیل خالی است'))
            if raw_password is None:
                return HttpResponse(ajax_result(Code=200, message='پسورد خالی است'))
            if recaptcha_response is None:
                return HttpResponse(ajax_result(Code=200, message='کد امنیتی را وارد کنید'))

            GetUser = User.objects.filter(email=Email).first()

            if GetUser is not None and GetUser.is_active:
                if GetUser.aff != GetDomain.UseBy.username:
                    return HttpResponse(ajax_result(Code=200, message='کاربر یافت نشد'))

                if RecaptchaValidator(recaptcha_response):
                    if not GetUser.is_superuser and not GetUser.is_staff:
                    user = authenticate(username=GetUser.username, password=raw_password)
                        login(request, user)
                    except AttributeError:
                        return HttpResponse(ajax_result(message='اطلاعات ورود اشتباه است'))
                    GetUser.Browser = request.META['HTTP_USER_AGENT']
                    GetUser.IsLogin = True
                    GetUser.LastLoginIP = GetIP(request)
                    if GetUser.is_superuser or GetUser.is_staff:
                        SubmitLog(user=request.user, Part='ورود به پنل', Number=None, Information=None,
                    threading.Thread(target=WriteUserExtraInformation, args=(request, GetUser,), name='WI').start()
                    if GetUser.NeedVerify:
                        Context = '{"result" : "ok", "data": {"url":"/tickets/send?verify=1"}}'
                        if 'next' in request.GET.keys():
                            Context = '{"result" : "ok", "data": {"url":"' + request.GET['next'] + '"}}'
                            Context = '{"result" : "ok", "data": {"url":"/profile/"}}'
                    response = HttpResponse(Context)
                    response.set_cookie('app', 'True', secure=True)
                    return response
                    return HttpResponse(ajax_result(message='کد امنیتی درست وارد نشده'))
                return HttpResponse(ajax_result(message='اطلاعات ورود اشتباه است'))

what should i do ?

its because iterations of PBKDF2PasswordHasher in django old version is : 216000 and new version iterations is : 320000 i change my code if iterations is 216000 reset password and done !