Login with token in header instead of password

I have model with username and password
I create account by entering username and password
next I want that login with password is not my requirements so I want to login with token and that token will be generated when they create account
any idea or logic will work for me? so I can get token easily on header and then I will not need password to enter so I can enter token in header

Are you talking about doing this with a JavaScript front end (like React), or something else?

Are you using the DjangoRestFramework?

Yes is possible in Javascript because I don’t want in DRF and also I am using django-graphen

Please describe in detail exactly what you’re expecting the sequence of events to be.

For example, I start by opening a browser and entering the URL for your site.

What is this first page that I’m going to see? What am I going to do from there?

Where does this authentication fit into this sequence?

in image I have whole scenario of model
now in graphql api I want instead of login with password I want login with public key and secret key to generate token and that token will be use for header so I will never provide password I will be use token

hope you will get my logic