Migrations Did Not Change Database

django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: column codeAT_code.promulgator does not exist
LINE 1: …".“slug”, “codeAT_code”.“affected_government_id”, "codeAT_co…
field=models.CharField(blank=True, default=‘Continental Congress’, max_length=20, null=True),
SystemCheckError: System check identified some issues:

class ‘codeAT.admin.CodeAdmin’>: (admin.E027) The value of ‘prepopulated_fields’ refers to ‘slug’, which is not an attribute of ‘codeAT.ExtraOrdered’.
class ‘codeAT.admin.CodeAdmin’>: (admin.E030) The value of ‘prepopulated_fields[“slug”][0]’ refers to ‘arrow’, which is not an attribute of ‘codeAT.ExtraOrdered’.

class CodeAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
prepopulated_fields = {“slug”: (“arrow”,)}

class ExtraOrderedAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):

Looking at the postgres db from PyCharm, several of the new fields I added are not in the db OR in
the migration file. The new promulgator field made it to the migration file but not to the db. This
latest migration is not in django_migrations in the db. So this is all screwed up.
When I did the migrations, no errors were reported, but I did notice that for 3 renamed models, only
one was renamed, the other two were created.

Should I:
Throw it all out and start over?
Manually edit the database?
Edit the migration file?
Learn php/Laravel?

Many thanks.

this class CodeAdmin in admin.py has an attribute prepopulated_fields which has an attribute called slug and slug is pointing to a field not inside the Model itself codeAT.ExtraOrdered.

same as above but for the arrow attribute.

Have you, at any time, deleted any migration files? That’s a frequent cause of problems - especially if they were deleted after being applied.

If that’s the case, then the best recommendation I can make is to drop and recreate the database, and delete all migration files, starting with a fresh makemigrations.

Thanks to all. I got it figured out by editing the migrations file. Tried to make too many changes at once.