Migrations not picking up new app in container


I have a created for myself a timerecording application and tested in a project in a session everything works great. So decided that I would go ahead and thought that it would be nice to create this into a docker container.

I have managed to get the django container running but it does not seem that my custom application is making it into the migration.

The default django tables is making it into the database so I know that it is working. My custom application is not.

My installed application part of the setting file is:



I also set this to ‘timecode’ but still no luck.

In the container it is seeing:

Operations to perform:

Apply all migrations: admin, auth, contenttypes, sessions

but not my timecode models

my models entry looks like this:

from django.db import models

Create your models here.

class Timerecord(models.Model):

datetimerecorded = models.DateTimeField(verbose_name="Date/Time")

timespent = models.FloatField(verbose_name="Time spent in hours")

type = models.ForeignKey('Timetype',on_delete=models.SET_DEFAULT, default='BAU')

activity = models.CharField(max_length=200)

class Timetype(models.Model):

type = models.CharField(max_length=50)

def __str__(self):

    return f"{self.type}"

any help greatly appreciated.

You need to run python manage.py makemigrations timecode to create the initial migrations for your app.

(Please format your code correctly in future posts.)