Model Form -- Allow Pop Ups for Many-to-Many Fields?

Hi all,

I’ve just finished building a for using model form class to build the attached form. It’s awesome, and I’m pleased, i.e. it’s working!! You’ll note that many of the fields are many-to-many. In admin, you can click the “plus” sign to add a new record via a popup, which I think is effective short of the pain of a popup. However, that ability is missing on my form. How do I add it here. Having trouble finding an answer for this on the inter webs. If this isn’t possible, or if the experts advise against it, what is another viable solution?

Pop-ups and other forms of dynamic UI-type features aren’t (strictly speaking) handled by Django - they’re a feature of some JavaScript code that Django can serve out to the browser.

There are many different UI frameworks available for handling pop-ups (also known as modal dialog boxes). When we’re doing such things, we currently use jQuery and Bootstrap.