ModelForm strangely repeated

I’ve created a simple ModelForm in order to get two text fields, but when I load my webpage the fields are repeated… This is my code. Can someone help me figure out what’s happening?


{% csrf_token %}


def final(request):

    FeedbackFormSet = modelformset_factory(Feedback, fields=('nombre', 'nota'))

    if request.method == 'POST':

        formset = FeedbackFormSet(request.POST, request.FILES)

        if formset.is_valid():



        formset = FeedbackFormSet()

    return render(request, "final.html", {'formFeedback': formset})
class Feedback(models.Model):

    nombre = models.TextField(max_length = 100)

    nota = models.TextField()

class FeedbackForm(ModelForm):

    model = Feedback

    fields = ['nombre', 'nota']

A formset repeats a form multiple times. For your use case, you want only a form, with two fields.

So I should use a normal form?

Yes, well, a ModelForm.