Models more than one?

can i create more than one models in django?

Thanks for the help…

Have you worked your way through the Official Django Tutorial?

Good day sir… i can create more than one i cant see in the Official Django Tutoria .

Ok, that’s a slightly different question you asked at first - that’s ok.

Is it “possible”? Yes. There are a couple different ways that it could be done - but my first question would be to ask why you think it might be necessary or desirable.

If you create multiple “apps”, you have separate file - one in each app.

You could create other files containing models and import those classes into your file.

You can also create a model module with multiple files inside it. (There’s other work needing to be done to make that work, and there are some limitations to doing that, so it’s not as “clean” a process as you may think.)

But in the general case, it’s not something generally done.

thank you sir God Bless…