ModuleNotFoundError: No Module named ''

Hey guys,

so I’ve searched a lot in the internet for solutions but I can’t find them. I’ve imported a ModelForm from the in my but my consolse says that the module in my case ‘JobMaze.Site’ isn’t existing:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘JobMaze.Site’

heres the import:

from JobMaze.Site.models import JobForm

heres a pic from my because maybe there is an error which I cant see

Thanks for your help

UPDATE: I’ve played a bit with the imports in other classes and every import which uses JobMaze.Site gives an ModuleNotFoundError that means something with the directories should be broken idk hope this info helps

Describe your directory structure. What’s the base directory? Where does this model fit within it?

Couple side points:

  • Please don’t post images of code. Post the code itself, between lines of three backtick - ` characters. This means you’ll have a line of ```, then your code, then another line of ```.

  • Your forms belong in the file, not the file.

  • I’m guessing that “JobMaze” is the name of your project? “Site” is the name of the app within the project? If so, JobMaze is the base directory and your imports are relative it it. This means you would import your form from Site.forms.

yeah I already changed the form into the sorry for that and yes my base is JobMaze and the App is “Site”.

And how can I import from Site.forms, if i type that it is red underlined

ahh the import .models and .forms works

thanks for your help!