Move Django Project from Mac OS to Windows

I recently built a Django app locally on my mac inside a virutal env and it works fine. I need to move the app to a windows server. I do not have access to a repo, which would obviously make life easier. How should I go about lifting my app from my MAC and moving it to a Windows system without breaking it? Do I just create a requirements.txt file, then tar project directory and ship it to my Windows server? If so, what dir/files should be left out of the tar file? Also does the python version running on my windows server need to match the version on my MAC?

django-verion: 3.1.1
python version 3.8.2

Because of differences between operating systems and their interactions with your installed version of Python, virtual environments are not designed to be transferred between systems.

There is a very narrow scenario where this is safe to do, but it usually requires running an extremely similar operating system between the different machines.

If you are trying to run your Django application on Windows, your best bet is to create a new virtual environment on the Windows machine and install your packages using pip install -r requirements.txt.